Getting Started with Monitoring

Setting up monitoring is really easy and can be done in a just a few steps.

1. Create a Monitor

Setting up a monitor just a take few seconds. Head to your StatusPing dashboardopen in new window and click on the Add Monitor button

Statusping Add a Monitor

To quickly get started, Simply

  1. Give it a friendly name
  2. Enter its URL
  • URL should prepend with HTTP or HTTPS protocol
  • Example :

For more advanced setting, click on the setting icon on the monitoring dashboard and head over to setting screen.

2. Setup Notifications

Receive notification wherever you are. StatusPing offers integration with Email, Slack, Twilio, Teams, and Webhook to receive instant downtime notifications.

By default, we added your registered email account, but you can modify it on the notification section.

  1. Emails: You can add your and your teammate's email account.
  2. SMS: Configure SMS notification via Twilioopen in new window in StatusPing.
  3. Slack channel: You can decide to send down and up alerts to one of you Slack channels at the team level.
  4. Microsoft Teams: Configuring Microsoft Teams notifications in StatusPing
  5. Webhook: You can setup your own integrations using our Webhook integration.
Last Updated: 8/17/2021, 7:36:21 AM
Contributors: sesha