Performance Monitoring

By default, all the added to StatusPing will automatically have its performance monitored. Every time we check uptime, we will collect and store the detailed performance metric details.

You can configure performance threshold on the setting screen, if the site is continuously slower than this value, we will alert you.

Performance Dashboard

Performance Metric Details :

  • DNS look up Time: Time in seconds until name resolving was complete
  • TCP Connection Time: Time in seconds it took to establish the connection
  • TLS Connection Time: The total time it took for the TLS handshake to complete
  • Server Processing: Time spent waiting for the response from the server – how long the server needs to process the request.
  • Content Download: Time spent receiving the response data – This time depends on the content size and the connection speed.
  • Total Time: Total transaction time in seconds for last transfer
Last Updated: 8/17/2021, 7:36:21 AM
Contributors: sesha